Thank you for visiting SBCC! Our Sunday worship service times are 9:00 A.M. for English and 1:30 P.M. for Spanish. Please use the various menus around the page to learn more about us.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 06-04-2020:


  • Our normal service for this week, Sunday, June 7th, will continue to be online only. Please visit on that morning to listen to the video. On the first Sunday of the month, we take communion! With that being this Sunday we wanted to make sure that you have time to get the supplies ready to take it with us at home. We will have the communion process presented by one of our leaders as part of our posted Sunday morning sermon. 
  • Moving into next week, Sunday the 14th, we plan to have the building open again for service! We will be following regulations put forth by the County, in conjunction with the State, and wanted to communicate some of the temporary changes:
    1. Our seats will be put into family unit groups and there will be at least six feet of space between each group. Our Deacons, and other volunteers, will be ready to move them around as needed, to make sure that your family can sit together.
    2. Due to the increased parameters involving classes for kids, and the heightened needs that families have right now, our Leadership Team has decided to have children sit with their families in the sanctuary for the time being rather than attend a separate Children’s Ministry.
    3. Due to the increased parameters involving food service, we will not be able to host the breakfast that we normally serve during the Bible Study on Sunday mornings.
    4. Masks will be required whenever you are within six feet of someone who does not reside in your household. Please note that our chairs will be spaced out so that you are at least six feet away from other families around you, allowing you to take your masks off while you’re sitting in service if you’d like to do so. If you have a medical condition prohibiting you from wearing a mask, they are not required.
    5. We will have hand sanitizer available as you enter the building, and would encourage you to be vigilant in washing your hands as needed as well.
    6. Offering may look a bit different, as we don’t want people to be touching the same basket throughout the room. As of now we plan to have men wearing masks who will still be walking around and collecting the offering as part of the service, and since there will be plenty of room between groups, it shouldn’t be a problem to have them walk up to your family and have you drop your envelope into the basket. If they are walking around your area please note that you would need your mask on during that time too. Another option is for you to put your offering in the lockboxes located in the back of the room as you’re entering or exiting. The boxes are black colored and have a white notecard on them that indicates that they’re for your tithes.
    7. In July, and for the foreseeable future, when we’re able to take communion together in person we will be using prepackaged grape juice and wafer sets. This will make it so that you only have the potential of touching your own communion elements. Alternatively, if you’d feel more comfortable bringing your own bread and juice on Sunday, July 5th please feel free.
    8. We wanted to point out that our building is normally cleaned and sanitized before and after our service. That process will continue throughout this time. 
    9. The recommendation from the State is that anyone over 65 years of age, or anyone who is more susceptible to illness, not attend in person services still. If you feel uncomfortable being around others still at this time, please note that the audio from our sermons gets posted to the above referenced YouTube channel right after service each Sunday morning. It is normally online by about 11.
    10. If you feel sick at all please refrain from joining us in person and continue listening online.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding any of this, and thanks for your patience as we figure this all out together! We also wanted to point out that regulations are changing quickly and thus things may end up being different week to week for the time being. We will be communicating whenever anything new comes about with as much advanced notice as possible. Please keep checking the website or Facebook group for any new information.